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Video Tutorials

How do I access the Video Tutorials?

We are soon releasing a series of WooCommerce video tutorials for our customers - so stay tuned.

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Support Forum

What is the support forum?

Our support forum is provided to merchants who are having trouble with their store or simply have a question about WooCommerce Hosting.  This is the best method to reach our support staff and get a dedicated answer.  We usually reply within the hour, many times sooner.  If your developer or administrator is unable to resolve the issue, we're usually available to assist.

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Channel Partners

Do you have channel partners or an affiliate program?

Yes, our channel partners are independent design, marketing, and development experts who work either in our partner programs, trainee/intern programs and address your can help you with your needs.

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Live Chat

How can I access live chat?

If you prefer a quick chat with one of our live chat agents, click on the bottom right of your screen (on desktop) or top right of the screen (on mobile) we they will be happy to assist with answering any questions you have about Alpha Beta Commerce. If you reach us after hours - just leave a message and one of our agents will respond to you as soon as we are back in the office - or submit a support ticket.

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Where can I contact you for more detailed questions?

If you have a more complex hosting questions that require in-depth answer, leave a message in our chat window or on our contact form and one of our staff will respond to your message as soon as possible.

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