Merchant Accounts


ABC Merchant Account

Which merchant account do you recommend?

While we like to stay merchant account independent, some of the more popular merchant account vendors like Stripe, Paypal, and Braintree are all good options.  In choosing a merchant account vendor, you will want to ensure that the vendor has PCI compliant capabilities and is financial sound. Vendors like Stripe, Paypal, and Braintree have thousands of integrations for WooCommerce and focus on providing SMB's with the tools and resources to help them sell more products globally.

To learn more about either vendor, visit their respective websites.

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Credit Card Rates

What are the credit rates of vendors?

Credit card rates vary widely in the industry depending on the merchant you choose. If you google "Best Credit Card Merchant" you will come up with a wide variety of articles and options to choose from.  Historically we have seen 2.9c and 30c per transaction for the major players (Stripe, Paypal, Braintree) as a good starting point, although your specific rate may vary.

While flat rates can appear attractive at first, you'll need to speak with the merchant specifically about your business in order to get the best rate. While 2.9c and 30c per transaction is the standard, if your business qualifies for a lower rate, you could be savings thousands of dollars.

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Transaction Fees

What do you recommend about merchant transaction fees?

In general, your merchant vendor will lock in a rate which transaction fees are fixed and will not increase with the amount of business you do. Whether you do a million transaction a month or a thousand per year, your transaction cost should always be transparent, consistent and reliable, regardless of which merchant vendor you select.

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PCI Compliance

How do I maintain PCI Compliance?

PCI compliance is important, and many times it's up to the vendor to ensure compliance.  While each level of compliance and situation is different, we recommend speaking with your payment gateway provider to ensure you are in compliance.

Some vendors provide PCI compliant vaults which protects your data from hackers.  Of course if you have additional questions, our team is more than happy to point you in the proper direction.

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Fraud Protection

Which vendors provide Fraud Protection?

Credit card fraud cost US consumers $16 billion in 206 according to a recent study.  In order to protect yourself and your business, several well known companies are actively combating fraud.  Some examples include: Signifyd, Riskified, and Subuno.  Those vendors have Chargeback guarantee protection and offer merchants a suite of comprehensive fraud detection tools that help ensure you are only selling to your prospective buyers. You can even prevent some countries and regions known for fraudulent activity from purchasing your products.

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