Signing Up

Signing Up For An Account

How do I signup for an account?

Signing up for Alpha Beta Commerce is easy. Simply click here to sign up.

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How am I billed for this service?

Alpha Beta Commerce is a monthly membership subscription fee. Upon signing up, you are provided an account link where you will be able to manage your subscription, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime.

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Hosting Features

What are the benefits to signing up for WooCommerce hosting?

1. Dedicated WooCommerce Cloud Hosting
2. Agency Level Devops Support
3. Free WooCommerce Forum Community Access
4. Secure SFTP Access
5. Automated Core and Plugin Updates
6. Staging & Production Environment
7. Free Setup and Migration Support
8. Free Access To Premium Plugins

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Annual Plans

How do your annual plans work?

Annual plans allow you to save 15% off the monthly plan by making a single payment yearly. You can select an annual plan by clicking here.

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Upgrade SSL

How do I get my SSL certificate?

All Ecommerce sites require an SSL, and we only allow private SSL certificates.  Some sites have greater needs than others, so if you have your own verified SSL certificate, you can submit a request here to have our team install it for you.  Otherwise, you can head over to our SSL store and purchase your certificate here.

If you have special SSL requirements for your organization, you can contact us before ordering and we will be happy to assist you. Please note that ordering an upgraded SSL after you already purchased a subscription may delay the setup of your site as HTTPS is enabled by default.

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